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Download Mp3 Band Indie Yogyakarta Ambrosia
Genre : Indie / Pop Punk

Ambrosia formed because of the friendship of the fifth campus personnel. The band formed around October 2010. Five of them initially agreed to wear the name of Sleeping Boy. The band that originally fronted by Aji, Rifky, Joe, Krisna and Yudi is carrying the flow of Pop Punk. In the journey because of the influence of various musical genres each of its personnel, the band changed its name to Ambrosia. Ambrosia name itself is taken not without philosophy. Ambrosia is the flower of the great offerings to the gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. From that philosophy, Ambrosia want to make offerings in the form of works of easy listening music that is dedicated to all music lovers. About a half year journey, Yudi decides to quit for reasons of personal preoccupation. Several months passed and some of the stage, leaving four personnel who are still loyal to Pop Punk. In late October 2011 on the advice of the basist Rifky, they asked Odi for jamming as a guitarist. Odi is basist of metal bands, Nostril Of Ravan. After a few times in and out of the studio, Ambrosia finally found a new soul in Odi. Finally mid- November 2011, Ambrosia comeback with five personnel again in Jogja Youth Fest 2011. It also marks that Odi has been authorized as a new guitarist Ambrosia and ready to turn back the missing gaps with his six-string guitar.


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Bonik55Rc pada 13:33, 27-Des-13

izin down

Dry Anenoy pada 15:45, 27-Des-13

ijin nyoba gan..

Dry Anenoy pada 15:45, 27-Des-13

ijin nyoba gan..

indocybercrime pada 23:54, 27-Des-13

kunjungan perdana sob,follow sukses di tunggu follback...

Indieground Musik Indonesia pada 00:31, 28-Des-13

Waw voc'a cwe

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